Types of Sitting Layouts For Vehicles With Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair vehicles for sale are especially modified, allowing you to easily mount and dismount someone on a wheelchair off a vehicle. This type of vehicle offers several advantages for those who are living with physical disabilities, as well as for elderly people.

The first obvious advantage is safety. Injuries can be sustained when a disabled or elderly person has to be lifted into a vehicle. With wheelchair accessible vehicles, such circumstances can be avoided. These vehicles also offer convenience and comfort for disabled people who travel often.


Types of Seating Layouts Used in Wheelchair Vehicles for Sale

More and more people are choosing wheelchair accessible vehicles because of convenience. You can choose from different makes and models, depending on your needs and preferences. However, one thing to consider when buying this vehicle is the kind of entry it provides.

Manual ramps and electric lifts are the two main technologies employed in modelling entry formats for these vehicles. The room allowed for passengers in these automobiles is another factor to consider when choosing your ideal wheelchair vehicle.

Listed below are the different seating layouts to consider when selecting wheelchair accessible cars for your needs:

  1. The Front Ride Wheelchair Passenger

This vehicle is modified to allow a wheelchair user ride at the front, seated next to the driver. The wheelchaired passenger does not have to tower above the driver as well. This type of vehicle is also modified in a way that the head of a passenger is at the same level as other people in the car.

  1. The Rear End Wheelchair Passenger

This is rated as the most popular make of wheelchair vehicles. The wheelchaired passenger is positioned securely at the back of this vehicle. This is also a popular model because the wheelchaired passenger can mount into the vehicle from the rear end and modification does not cover an extensive area on the interior of the vehicle.

  1. The Wheelchair Driver Position

This is an ideal model for those who are living with disabilities, yet loves to drive vehicles themselves. The driver can mount into this vehicle on a wheelchair from behind and then, the chair is locked securely into the driver’s position. He/she can easily access all parts of the car that are crucial during driving.

  1. The Transfer Seat Model

This is another model of motability cars that allows a wheelchair user to get into the driver’s position. After getting into the car using a wheelchair, he/she can transfer onto the driver’s position easily. The driver’s seat is usually swivel-type, which allows easy transfer from the passenger seat.

You should also choose a seating layout that gives a disabled person an easy and comfortable time. You cannot ignore the amount of room you want to have in this type of vehicle for other passengers either.

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