The Sleek and Highly Sophisticated KIA Soul

The KIA Soul has been one of the most popular of the KIA car models. The vehicle is highly efficient and also very spacious.  The car is also an easy drive and you will certainly enjoy cruising about in it. It is always described as a car with a soul. It has an extraordinary look and a unique choice of bright colors that you can choose from a Brisbane KIA dealership.

The baby SUV comes with a six speed manual transmission and in your bold styling that you will not fail to notice. KIA soul is always a favorite color with many younger buyers who are looking for some unique customizations in their vehicles.  But it is not limited to the Gen-Yers. The color will also appeal to many older buyers who are looking for something bolder and less conservative.

The Styling of the KIA Soul

One of the most noticeable features of the KIA Soul is its very bold style. This design is all the rage with many new-age buyers in many countries. At the front of the vehicle is the very bold and unmistakable lower grille area. It is a cross-hatch design with very large spotlights that you will certainly appreciate. The rear is squared off and is designed with the same theme as the foglight placement at the front of the vehicle.

The bold look and design is also applied inside the vehicle that is built to make matters as easy as possible for the drivers. There are large instruments at the dashboard that drivers can easily refer to in order to take some readings.

The Infotainment features of the vehicle

The vehicle has a full range of both the audio and the video infotainment features. One thing that you will miss in the KIA soul is satellite navigation features.

The Engines and Transmissions of the KIA Soul Vehicle

The engine that is used in the KIA soul is the same as those used in the outgoing KIA model that you can find at the KIA Brisbane dealership. It is a 20-litre petrol engine. The main advantage of this engine is that it has undergone an upgrade in order to meet the latest European emissions standards.  This engine delivers 113kWh of power as well as 191Nm of torque to users. Also, the engine offers both manual as well as automatic transmission capabilities.


The vehicle has excellent safety features like many other KIA models that you will find at a Brisbane KIA dealership.

The vehicle is slightly larger and offers drivers extra legroom that makes for very comfortable driving experience. It can easily accommodate four adults with plenty of space at the back of the vehicle.

The vehicle is recommended for buyers that are looking to purchase something that is straight out of the ordinary but which still just as practical as many other contemporary vehicle models in the market. Additionally, if you buy it via a reputable Brisbane KIA dealership, you can look forward to the best KIA service Brisbane has with best warranties and support services. Find top quality service KIA Brisbane dealer at

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