Spill Kits and Other Spill Response Products

There is without doubt an increased awareness about safeguarding our environment and saving it from all forms of pollution. The issue has assumed such serious proportions that the United Nations had to intervene and impress upon all nations to enact strict laws to prevent further damage to the Earth’s environment. Accordingly, individual countries, including Australia have laws in place outlining the duties potential polluters must take responsibility for. With respect to industries in Australia, the Duty of Care requires industries to maintain spill response products and other resources in order to protect the areas around the facility if any spills were to occur.


Spill-KitsPeriodical Inspections Part of the Drill

Many would be familiar with the way the conventional fire extinguishers were placed in vantage points, and it was the responsibility of the institution to see that they remain in operational readiness all the time. There is a periodical check done on them and certified that they are indeed in a state of readiness. The idea is that emergencies never give you a warning and at that time you should not be left stranded. On similar lines, the spill response products are purchased and installed to meet any eventuality of a spill on the premises. These are mainly the absorbents. The absorbents have to be located at points where the spills can be expected. The agency offering spill kit service would ensure that these locations are marked so that at the time of an emergency when the spill actually takes place, people are not wasting time trying to locate the kits. In addition, the inspection team would also leave a remark on a tag attached to the absorbents as regards the date on which they have been checked for their readiness to be used.

Responsibility with the Industry

The Duty of Care for spill kit maintenance lies with the industry which is susceptible to oil or other chemical spills. However, there are agencies, which help out with the entire process. They would have an expert team that could make the supplies of the spill response products and undertake to make the inspections for a fee. Wherever the absorbents or other parts of the kits are needed to be recharged/ refilled, the agency will take care of it within their scope of the scheduled inspections and visits. This would also save on transporting these products separately. This helps the industry to concentrate on their production activities and leave it to these experts to handle. Check out Absorb Enviro

Oil Spill a Major Threat

There have been major oil spills around the world due to which the environment has been viciously affected. There were images of birds killed and washed ashore due to an oil tanker leaking in the sea. All these have given sufficient warning to those industries which store or use oil in a big way, like refineries, etc. to ensure they stock the suitable oil spill kit in the required quantities to face any eventuality.

Besides the supply and maintenance of these resources to fight any kind of hazardous spills, the agency will impart training to the staff in the industries to handle the kits and to prevent serious damages being inflicted.

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