Residential Care Homes That Truly Feel Like Home

Most people are still hesitant about putting their elderly parents into residential care homes, thinking it’s a cold thing to do. While wanting to care for your aged parent is admirable, there are times when this is not possible. The elderly have specific needs, and it’s hard to fulfil them all if you have your own family, life and career to take care of.

You should not see care homes as an easy way out, but as an opportunity to give your parents the needed care and attention they need. Yes, they took care of you very well when you were a baby and you wish to do the same to them now, but babies and elderly parents are two different things altogether.

Different Approaches To Care

B&M Care understands that you owe your parents a lot and only wish the best for them. This is why their residential care homes are warm, inviting and bursting with life. When people think of homes for the elderly, they think of drab-looking, forlorn places that look like hospitals. However, B&M’s homes are built and designed to look and feel exactly like home.

A warm, friendly environment is made even better with their personal approach to elderly care. A lot of elderly homes only utilize one method of care, but B&M acknowledges the fact that all people under their care are unique, with different personalities and interests. This is why their homes are just brimming with different types of activities. No matter what your parents’ interests are, they’ll surely find a recreational activity to enjoy there.

The home itself is designed to mimic a real home. While most homes are spotless, clean and minimalist-looking, B&M homes welcome a bit of clutter, since it’s a norm in homes, right? Corridors and shelves are filled with photos and sensory objects fill every room. All this in an effort to create an environment that exudes comfort, warmth, and even a bit of nostalgia.

Professional Care

In line with its person-centred care, B&M staff are trained in several aspects of the field, to make them the best at what they do. They are capable of adjusting their care methods, depending on the attitude and preference of the people under their care. Your parents are viewed not as patients, but as a family of sorts.

Old age doesn’t mean they should be treated the way they want to. At B&M, the elderly are encouraged to fully develop their personalities. Some people love to talk and socialize, while others just want to enjoy a quiet board game or book. Whatever your parent’s tastes are, it will be encouraged and respected in their care homes.

The staff are also trained to deal with dementia and depression. These two conditions are often rampant with the elderly. Dementia comes with old age, when the body can no longer function as it used to. The elderly can also experience depression with the loss of loved ones, like a spouse. They may also feel depressed and helpless at how inept they’ve become at simple tasks like going to the bathroom, feeding themselves and putting on clothes.

All these may be too much for any average person, especially since you have the right to pursue your own dreams, goals and responsibilities. With B&M residential care homes, you can have peace of mind, knowing your beloved parents are in good hands.

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