An Easy Solution to Building a Home

Most people associate a kit home with something temporary, and not that well made. This is so far from the truth. Several kit homes Central Coast has today use modern technology and building methods to ensure state-of-the-art functional homes made just for you. Modern materials are now used together with contemporary architectural designs to produce durable and stylish houses. Nowadays, there is a growing demand for kit home Central Coast has to offer for those who prefer easy to install modular kit buildings.

Kit Home Central Coast

Kit Home Central Coast

Kit Homes in Central Coast

The materials used in the construction of a Kit home Central Coast has today are more energy-efficient than those found in conventional constructions. They are made in a controlled factory environment to a high degree of precision. The treated pines used along with recyclable steels are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Flexibility: Customized Housing

These structures are modular. This gives a whole lot more flexibility when it comes to planning and designing these home. If someone wants more entrances to a bedroom, the kitchen to be put in a different position or, additional rooms need to be added, none of these will present a problem. Therefore, Custom Homes in Central Coast can easily be supplied, given that they are factory produced.

Modliving Homes is the company that offers these solutions to home building. They are available over a large area of Australia. So if you live in the Central Coast or its neighboring places, then Modliving Homes is the right place to go to.

There is no problem in supplying Prefab Homes in Newcastle or Kit Homes in Central Coast. These pre-fab units are built in factories and are supplied to different locations, ready to be installed.

Another advantage of using a modular home over a traditional one is the speed of construction. One consideration when it comes to building is the weather conditions of a certain locale. With prefab homes, the construction time is reduced with lesser chances of being held up by a storm. With conventional building sites, any work could be delayed for some time. This is not the case with prefab homes since each kit home will be ready and waiting in the factory where 95% of the work takes place.

These buildings could be ready for occupancy within 6 to 8 weeks. This will have a minimum impact on any existing plot and landscape. These will also be assembled with “pre-Council” approval. There is the option of two or three bedrooms and six different flat designs to choose from. All these buildings are energy efficient and the designs can be customized and altered to suit what the client really needs.

Home Design and Custom Homes

There is a whole range of options open. These include building a “granny flat” for an elderly relative, provide student accommodation, a house with a built-in office or simply a new family home. This family home could include large double garage and first-floor accommodation. A patio roof extension and a sliding verandah windows can also be added.

Example: The Grange Design.

To give an idea of the extent and variety of options available, the Grange Design includes the following: 4 bedrooms, two toilets, an “alfresco” extension, an internal garage, a laundry area, a living room kitchen, dining room and pool.

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