5 Easy Tips To Pack Your Car For Your Next Road Trip

The medium SUV is all the rage this year, more than ever. These economical, mid-budget hardy vehicles, like the Brisbane Mitsubishi ASX are inspiring families to upgrade from sedans to SUVs with safer features and more room. With upgraded features like “blind spot monitoring, lane change assist and auto-emergency braking”, cars like the Mitsubishi Triton for sale Brisbane dealers offer could be perfect for this year’s family camping trip.

Since packing a car requires some serious effort, you may find yourself packing and repacking several times before you can satisfactorily fit everything into your car. The following article simplifies the tedious task of packing your car for a family road or camping trip.

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Tetris Skills

It is advisable not to start dumping things into your car without having a plan. Since your car like Brisbane Mitsubishi ASX may already have items stored in it such as tires or Mitsubishi spare parts Brisbane cars come with, you may want to organize your travel items according to shape and size. If you are bulk packing for the entire family, make sure all your family members have given you what they are taking in advance so you do not have to pull things out or stuff things back into your car. According to you and your family’s travel needs, keep snacks in more reachable places, while heavier objects or camping gear can be safely tucked towards the bottom.

Strong Foundation

Like building a home, the packed items in your car like the Brisbane Mitsubishi ASX need a good foundation. Flat items like suitcases, portable picnic gear, tents and card board boxes should all go towards the bottom for better support. You can build up from the heavier items to lighter baskets or food supplies on top.

Leave Gaps

While you pack your travel car like Mitsubishi Triton for sale Brisbane City Mitsubishi dealers offer, consider leaving some gaps between items. Although this may sound like it might cause things to move around or collapse, you will invariably need to add items even after you feel you have completed packed the car. You can throw these items into the gaps before you set off or if you have purchased anything along the way.


Bags like duffel bags, sleeping bags or grocery bags may be a bit tricky to load into your car. With a heavier foundation below, these bags tend to get squished very easily. The trick here is to unroll your sleeping bags and use them as a cover or binding material to hold other items in place. Other bags like grocery and snack bags need to be in accessible places so that you do not need to unpack the back of your car to retrieve edible or drinking items.

Destination Arrival

Since you have planned this trip, you obviously have some idea where you are headed even if you may not have a confirmed final destination. Have a rough estimate of how many days you and your family will be heading out for as well as when you plan to stop along the way or arrive at your destination. This will help you determine whether you need to keep a camping night light or torches ready to set up your camping sight at night. Also, once completed, take a picture of the back of your car so you do not forget any items at your camping site.

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