How to Grow Your Vegetables On A Wall Garden; Preparing The Green Wall

Vertical spaces in houses and building walls are oftentimes underused. Most of the time, they just stand blankly with plain and boring paint. Some holds dirt, while others become canvasses for graffiti artists. A wall garden, better known as green wall, is a great way to utilize free vertical spaces. This is a good solution for people who want to grow their vegetables at home, as well as simultaneously beautify plain or unsightly walls.

Wall Garden

Wall Garden

But like regular gardening, wall gardens can be tough and demanding. Though it’s not rocket science, it requires a lot of things to work out. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your free vertical space and grow your own vegetables:

Choose a good sunny wall.

Determine the exact spot for your garden. You don’t have to choose the ugliest wall to work on. Rather, you should consider the amount of sunlight that wall gets every day. If you’re going to grow herbs and vegetables, then you should choose a wall that gets at least six (6) hours of sunlight a day. Also, consider the types of plants you want to grow in your wall garden. Some vegetables require more sunlight to survive, while some need less.

If you live in a limited space such as an apartment, then a sunny balcony will do. But if you have a lawn and a yard, your best available option is to choose a sunny location that faces south.

Build the frame and its support structure.

For your vegetables to grow on your wall, you need a system of vertical support. Though there are no hard and fast rules as to how you should build your green wall, there are basic guides that will help you simplify things. The most common support structures are arches and arbors, both of which can work as the main areas for supporting your vegetables. Almost any type of structure that faces the sky can also be used as support. You can consider more creative alternatives such as tree branches ladders, bamboo poles, etc. as well.

Make sure that the support system is strong and can really support the soil and vegetables you want to put on your vertical garden. Also, consider the types of plants you wish to grow. Peas, for example, don’t need elaborate and heavy-duty structures, while tomatoes may need something sturdier.

Before planting vegetables, put the support system in your soon-to-be garden. This will keep you from damaging your vegetables. Choose to place vertical supports in either north or east-side of your preferred garden spot. These are the areas with most sunlight.

Secure the support system by anchoring them. Flat vertical supports, like trellises, can be used with your home’s exterior wall. Make sure to leave enough space between the wall and the trellis when attaching the vertical support to your wall. This keeps better air circulation in your vegetable gardens as your plant grows and climbs.

Ready your soil.

It’s no secret that soil quality is important for the growth of a plant. Soil should be full of nutrients and with the right amount of minerals. However, you should also consider proper drainage for the soil’s containers. A weed-free and compost-rich soil is your best option.

Choose your garden containers.

If you’re growing plants from a container, then you most certainly can use any type of container. However, make sure that you get enough depth on your containers in order to support the root’s growth. Obviously, bigger vegetables need bigger and more hard-wearing containers. You can also opt for baskets, coffee cans, wash tubs, or even wooden crates. Make sure there are enough drainage holes in your containers before you start filling them with soil.

For more information about vertical vegetable gardening, check out

101 on Lighting Design for Your Home

Choosing a lighting design for your home is something that should be given serious thought and plan. A proper lighting system helps achieve more functionality and visual enhancement in a living space (when done right). Hence, you need to consider a few key décor rules when you buy designer lighting  to maximize your investment.

buy designer lighting

buy designer lighting

If this is your first time to order designer lighting Australia for your home, you need to speak to a lighting designer first. A professional can give important insights into the early planning stages of your home remodeling. They can help you with the arrangement of lighting, the types of lighting fixtures to buy, the installation, and other safety guidelines you might have missed.

Aside from planning how to set up your lighting fixtures and accessories, another area wherein a lighting designer can be of help is the budget. If you are working with a limited budget, the designer can create a plan to suit that budget. They also have extensive knowledge on industry standards and pricing, so you can rest assure that the lighting quality is not compromised.

When choosing the best designer lighting for your home décor, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1.    Access to natural lighting in the room. Even though you can buy designer lighting that are both aesthetic and functional, natural lighting should still be utilized in your home space. For one, it is economical and makes your living space more sustainable. Second, you can choose the best kind of lighting fixture to use for a given room based on how much natural light you can utilize.

2.    You also need to assess the uses of lighting within your home before you order home decor online, especially lighting fixtures and accessories. There are three general categories for lighting fixtures based on function: ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting provides lighting to large living areas such as your kitchen or your living room. Task lighting is designed for a more specific purpose such as lighting the table, the hallways, or the countertops. And lastly, accent lighting is designed with a creative flair.

Accent lighting fixtures are then utilized as part of the overall architectural design of your home, drawing more attention to specific parts of a room.

3.    Find out how different types of lighting affect a room and its function. With new lighting types being introduced into the market, it is easy to become overwhelmed with options. However, you need to study up on what lighting types work best in specific areas of your home to make the right choice.

In order to make the right investment, it should also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home while serving its function.

Are you ready to start decorating your home? Visit to buy designer lighting  that are artistic, but reasonably-priced. The website alsooffers a wide range of design options for your lighting fixtures to suit your home’s overall décor theme. Even the smallest details will, no doubt, enhance the overall visual appeal and comfort of your home.

Sathorn hotels are an ultimate definition of comfort

Sathorn is one of the highly developed districts of Bangkok, which is surrounded by six other districts. Stretching from Lumpini Park to the River, Sathorn is a place which has some of the best luxurious, business class hotels. If you are in Bangkok for any business purpose with your team or expecting to meet personnel from business houses in Thailand, you can book one of the majestic hotels in Sathorn. Apart from people who are on business, Sathorn Hotels are also preferred by many tourists coming from different countries, expecting to spend a few days in pure luxury.

Benefits of staying in Sathorn hotels:

Sathorn is considered as one of the most posh areas in Bangkok. If you’ve come to Bangkok for any business purpose or just to spend a vacation in style, hotels in Sathorn are the just the right place to stay.

As far as the external reasons are concerned, you will be benefited immensely due to the following reasons:

  • Transportation to and from Sathorn and the rest of Bangkok is just the best in the city. Two most important Bangkok skytrain stations-Surasak and Saphan are accessible from Sathorn easily. The QSNCC MRT is also easily accessible from these hotels as BTS, road taxis and buses are plying through the places, continuously around the clock. Getting to the Airport at any time only takes a few minutes from Sathorn.
  • Sathorn is one of the most famous destinations in Bangkok for world famous Thai dishes. Several classy restaurants are available throughout the area, serving extraordinary Thai and international cuisines.
  • The area is full of shopping malls, modern marketplaces along with traditional retail outlets. Visitors just like to drop by the market area to get famous Thai products and even products from neighboring countries. Starting from handicrafts of Thailand to the latest electronic gadgets, everything is available in these markets.

Apart from these external aspects, the gorgeous hotel buildings with stunning architecture to the immaculate interior designs, all the features of these Sathorn hotels need a close assessment:

Hotels here provide five-star facilities to the guests. All modern amenities which you expect in a classy hotel are available in these hotels too. Bangkok is a place where visitors having different cultural background come with a purpose; either business or personal recreation. Hence, the lifestyle services are offered keeping all this in view.

These Hotels boast all the modern amenities that a modern cosmopolitan traveler expects. Some most common services are:

  • World class restaurants and bars
  • Out-door pools
  • Full service Spa
  • 24×7  room services
  • Free internet through Wi-Fi
  • Room service of foods and snacks
  • Provision for private car
  • Special Child care
  • Health Clubs
  • Business Centre
  • Airport Transfer

These hotels offer various types of rooms such as executive suites, deluxe suites, premiere suites and presidential suites among others. Depending on your needs, you can choose the most suitable one for your stay. Provisions are there for arranging business meetings or wedding receptions. The staff here is professional enough to handle a large number of guests efficiently.

Sathorn hotels are just amazing. Their locations, facilities, amenities and above all management, differentiate these hotels from others in Bangkok.

Kitchens Made from Packs Available off the Shelf

The kitchen is considered the heart of any home. Hence, whether you live alone or as a family, you will need a comfortable and convenient kitchen to cook as you desire. It is for this reason you should have a properly built kitchen, with all the gadgets in place. You can either hire an expert to do so or even build it yourself. Hiring can be expensive for some and hence, building it on your own would be the best idea. However, it would only be possible if you have the right kits for the flat pack kitchens and the tools that go with them. And if you think you have no knowledge of the same, then you can even have a look at the videos available online, which explain how to go about buying the kit from the store and making the kitchen all by yourself.

Kitchens You Can Build Yourself

The kits required for the DIY kitchens, of the flat pack variety, can actually be bought from the building material store or from a household materials outlet. However, first, you need to measure your kitchen, and when you approach the store with your kitchen’s measurements, the store will be able to guide you to pick the right sized flat pack kitchen kit; usually in a few nicely packed boxes. Bring it home. Hopefully, you already have the drill, hammer and other tool sets required to handle a typical DIY carpentry job at home.

Learn From the Manuals and the Video

You will find a detailed instruction manual within the packs, with detailed drawings and a guide to pick the pieces in a sequence and join them together. Many will have a video in addition, or you will be able to watch the relevant videos on YouTube. It is obvious that the video will generally make you much more confident of handling the whole exercise.

A bit of planning has to be definitely done before you start the work. This involves mapping out the areas where the cooking range, and the refrigerator would be positioned and leaving the appropriate space for them. There is a need to calculate the requirements for the cabinet space as well. Once you are clear on all these, you can make a start. You generally start with disconnecting the existing connections of gas and other utilities and mask them adequately so that you have an unhindered space to fit the flat pack cabinets and to finish the kitchen as per your taste. Check this out Kitchen Shack.

Learn to Do It Perfectly

Once you have been able to pick the correct pack for the flat pack kitchens from the store, with the panels of the right color and the accessories already inside the packs, the key factor would be how well you can handle the job of putting them all together. It is not as if the DIY project is rocket science, but then you are not going to be doing up your kitchen every now and then. You would have to possess the minimum skills to understand and translate the model as shown in the instruction book supplied with the kit.

Flat pack kitchens are a great advantage over the fully assembled ones. For one, they cost you much less. Then, you are able to build a kitchen that exactly meets your requirements, and not something in excess or less than what is needed. And, even more important is the feeling that you did it all by yourself. You will feel attached with your kitchen, all your life.

Preparing for Furniture Removals

Furniture removals can be quite easy if you are only moving a few items and you have a sizeable vehicle to move the things around. Things, however, begin to get a little complicated when you want to move around more things including several seats, furniture, beddings, and other personal valuables. Most families own a car or some SUV and these are not spacious enough to fit enough items and even if a few items might fit in, you will have to make a few trips in order to carry all items to your new home. You will need Sydney removalists to assist you in moving things fast and efficiently.

Consider Sydney removalists whenever you have furniture pieces which are a bit daunting. These professionals have specialized vehicles for moving your furniture around without hassles. They can move all of it at one go thus saving you time. They also have additional specialized services such as packaging of furniture and offering you some innovative packaging solutions.

How to Prepare Your Furniture for Removals

There are various steps that you can undertake in order to make the Sydney removalists as easy and smooth as possible. These include the following:

Do Some Cleanup: Take some time to clean and dust your furniture and other valuables. This not only makes things easy when you move in, but it also allows you to notice any defects in the furniture in advance. If there is some damage to your furniture during the moving process, you will be able to notice it easily.

Secure some stuff: There are certain things you will need to secure such as the items in your house with moving parts. For example, if there are drawers which open easily whenever the furniture is tilted, they should be fixed shut or you can remove them and have them transported separately.

Furniture Structure: There are furniture items that have been sitting in place for years and have been used often to the point where they have become less sturdy. If there are flimsy pieces of furniture in your house, then you will need to take extra precautions.

Wrap them up: Moving of furniture can result in damages to the furniture finish. A good way to protect them during the move is by wrapping them up. Some Sydney removalists will also do the furniture wrapping for you, but this depends on the level of service that you choose.

Completing the Move

Once your furniture arrives at the destination, do some thorough checks in front of the removalists in order to ensure that nothing was damaged during transit. If there are any issues, make sure you raise them with the company as soon as possible. Some furniture removalists will do the unloading for you but if you will be doing it yourself, make sure you use soft padding on the floors to avoid damaging your furniture during the process. Some things are too difficult to carry or pivot and the soft padding offers a cushioning effect that prevents the damages.

Qualities of a Perfect Office Chair

Sitting in the office for long hours requires that you invest in a perfect office chair that will guarantee comfort while working and enhance your productivity. However, with many products in the market when it comes to selecting the right office chair in NZ, it is difficult for many users to identify the perfect (and cost-effective) one for the office. In New Zealand, good office chairs are available from certified office chair dealers in NZ.

All the same, before you approach a reliable dealer for office chair NZ market currently has, it is important to understand how a perfect office chair works and what you need to consider before you purchase one. Here are some of the things you need to look at:


A perfect office chair should posses a natural glide mechanism that enables the user to recline the back while still able to work comfortably. What this means is that even after reclining your back, you can still reach your keyboard with no strain on your eyes arms, or shoulders. This position reduces the pressure on your back muscles, spine, sitting bones and enhances your concentration.

The chair height

Another important factor to consider in an office chair, the height should be such that your feet are always on the floor or foot rest, while your thighs remain parallel to the floor. Your arms should be comfortably parallel to the worktop.

If the chair is too high, the result is increased pressure on the area behind your knee, which is quite sensitive. This can reduce blood circulation and lead to fatigue as you work. On the other hand, a very low office chair puts your knees in a higher position than your hips, which in the end leads to more pressure on your sitting bones as your weight shifts back.

Seat depth

A perfect office chair should have an adjustable seat that enables forward or backward movements based on the leg length of the user. If the chair’s seat is too long, the user will be working while propping forward, a position that deprives him or her of the benefit of the seat’s backrest. This position in turn creates strain on the legs and spine of the user. A rule of thumb for a perfect chair is that while seated, there should be a three or four finger distance between the back of the user’s knees and the front edge of the seat.

The armrests

These are meant to provide support while resting or working. Adjustable armrests allow you to flex your arms during work or at rest. This is important so that your arms are not strained as you work.

Lumbar support

Left unchecked, this aspect leads to one of the major problems office workers experience: back pain. However, if the chair has sufficient lumbar support, it is possible to reduce the effect and work comfortably for longer hours without lower back strain.

Getting your office chair

The first step to obtaining a good office chair is to identify a reliable supplier with good products. Only reputable suppliers can give you office chair your can trust.

The Best Gardening Option for Small Spaces

Growing your favorite flower or decorative plant may prove challenging when you are living in a concrete jungle. Finding enough space amidst tall buildings and busy streets seems like a distant dream. In such scenarios, the only feasible solution is to grow a vertical garden.  The beneficial effects of greeneries have prompted clients to adopt the concept of vertical gardens Melbourne has today for nature lovers living in the city.

Garden of Your Choice

The concept is amazing and the sky would be the limit of your imagination. Whatever building you are in, you can have vertical gardens Melbourne offers for commercial, residential, hospitals, and even office spaces. There are specialized agencies that convert the blank space or dull walls of your building into an amazing vertical garden. You can have such gardens both in the exterior and interior of the building.  As far as the interior of the building is concerned, you can have a vertical concept in the living room, dining room and even in your bedroom. The vertical garden could be filled with flowers or just decorative plants or leaves. The choice is totally yours, and you will have the garden that suits your taste.

Avail the Services of Specialised Agencies

If flower arranging takes so much of your time and energy, you can opt for artificial flowers for hire Melbourne has to offer for special occasions. Several companies offer such services today to help you set up your own vertical garden for your guests to admire.

Below are some advantages of vertical gardens:

  • It is very easy to maintain vertical gardens because these are nothing but artificial plants and flowers. Naturally, these products need neither water nor manure. The plants and flowers never wilt or die, and they would certainly last for several years.  They are easy to maintain; you can keep the plants clean with warm water, and in some cases you can even vacuum clean them.
  • Just buy the required flowers or plants exclusively designed for the vertical garden. You can keep the design of your vertical garden changing.  In fact, you can become the master of your design and create a vertical garden that suits your taste.
  • You can opt for companies installing vertical gardens Melbourne clients recommend for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and other events. These agencies decorate the place in such a way that it goes well with the theme of the party. With the greenery and amazing flowers everywhere, the vertical garden makes the place look abundantly elegant.
  • These agencies are also specialized in making vertical garden arrangements for wedding parties with wonderful wedding flowers. The agencies make a vertical garden with exclusive wedding flowers. They decorate the stage along with the wedding hall and party hall with exclusive Melbourne wedding flowers.

A Feasible Alternative

The vertical garden has brought revolutionary changes to the concept of interior and exterior design. In fact, many architects and interior designers suggest that vertical gardening has come as a boon for garden lovers. They considered vertical gardening as the best alternative to relax in the midst of this rampant concrete jungle. Visit them online at

Installation Tips for the Powered Roof Vents

Good attic ventilation is extremely important in maintaining the conditions of your home. Attic temperatures generally approach the extremes during both summer and winter. During summer, they can get extremely hot while during winter, they can extremely cold. The bad news is that this has very serious implications for the structural integrity of your attic and the roofing in general. If this temperature is not adequately regulated through proper ventilation, these extremes in temperatures will create conditions that will lead to a rapid deterioration of your roofing material. It mostly damages the asphalt shingles of your roof and this will in turn cause leaks and other water-related damages on the roofing. The best way to achieve this is by installing Roswell GA powered attic ventilation fans.

These Roswell GA powered attic ventilators act as the passive ventilation system in the home in expelling hot air or very cold air from the attic. During summer, it will keep the attic cool while in the winter, it will keep it dry thus preventing the formation of the ice dams. The best thing is that they add very little to the home’s energy costs and in fact help you in reducing the costs of cooling as it prevents the over-tasking of the home’s air conditioning system. The procedure for the installation of Roswell GA powered attic ventilation fans is as follows:

Roswell GA powered attic ventilation fans

Roswell GA powered attic ventilation fans

  • Start by marking the location of the fan. You do this by standing the fan in your attic and then driving a nail through the roof. The nail should be centred between two rafters. Roswell GA powered attic ventilation fans should be placed a third of the way from the peak of your roof in the attic’s centre.
  • Take measurements of the diameter of the intake fan that you will install. This will be the opening on the bottom edge which will allow air to be pushed out of the attic by the fan.
  • Draw a circle on your roof matching the diameter of the attic fan. Centre it over the nail you drove through the roof in step 1 above. You can draw the circle with a piece of chalk.
  • Using a utility knife, cut shingles along the circle you have drawn above. Make use of a prying bar to pry these off the roof.
  • On the inner edge of the area where the shingles were removed, drill a hole. You can do this using a reciprocating saw. For protection, wear goggles when cutting a hole in the roof.
  • Get rid of the roofing nails around the shingles immediately. Use a pry bar to lift the shingles and loosen the nails. You can then use a hammer to pull out the nails.
  • To prevent leaks, you can apply roofing cement around the hole. You may then insert the attic fan into the hole. The bottom of the fan should be lowered to the roof and pressed against it. The flashing or the thin metal surrounding the fan should be slid under the shingles above the hole you had cut earlier. Screw into place the bottom edge of the flashing. After this, apply caulk on the screws as well as the joints between the flashing and the shingles.

DIY installation of powered attic ventilators is not easy. For the best powered attic ventilation in Roswell GA, it is advisable to hire attic fan installation contractors with the right experience and with good reputation in the industry to carry out the installation in a professional manner.

Top 5 Benefits of Regular Lawn Care

Lawn care Marietta GA experts warn about underestimating the importance of regular, proper lawn care. As a homeowner, you need to realize that your lawn depends on regular maintenance services to make it thrive. If you need a healthy lawn with great color, vigor, and strength, then it is time to involve professional lawn care services to handle your lawn on your behalf.

Considering what may adversely affect growth and development of your lawn, experts are there to help you control things such as insects, weeds, high temperatures, and diseases before they happen.

Here are top five benefits you derive from services of lawn care Marietta GA experts provide.

Expert lawn care helps control diseases

Just as any other vegetation, grass has diseases, which if left uncontrolled, can affect its growth and ruin its purpose. For instance, diseases such as brown patch can adversely affect stability and health of your grass, which eventually ruin the investment.

Some diseases are also just available in some conditions according to temperature, soil conditions, and other factors. Experts in lawn care Marietta GA community has are able to detect what your lawn requires and provide the necessary remedy to every threatening condition.

Professional lawn maintenance increases your home’s curb appeal

Research reveals that most home buyers give priority to a property’s curb appeal. Therefore, if you intend to put your property to the market for sale, the condition of the lawn can simply be the deal breaker. Regular lawn maintenance will ensure that you have a healthy, green lawn that creates a positive first impression about the property. This in the end gives you a competitive advantage in the market. Check out Lawn Frogs Landscaping

A healthy lawn is good for family and pets

If you want your family to relax in a perfect outdoor environment, then a healthy, well-maintained lawn is unavoidable. By involving lawn maintenance Woodstock GA experts, you can have a healthy environment for your family and pets to play, especially during summer. Lawn care professionals have the right equipment and materials to use in your lawn to ensure that it achieves the recommended level of growth.

A healthy lawn is good for the environment

The grass is a natural filter of air and water, from which it derives it nutrients and growth resources. Therefore, left without care, it will influence the environment negatively when it becomes clogged with dust and dirt. For a healthy environment, you need a healthy lawn as well, which purifies air and filters water effectively.

Professional lawn maintenance controls pests and weeds

Without regular maintenance, your lawn simply becomes a breeding place for pests and weeds. These in the end threaten growth and development of the landscape. It is important that you engage reliable lawn maintenance Kennesaw GA professionals to manage your lawn before this happens. Professional lawn service is a worthy investment that homeowners need not disregard. Once executed by professionals, you can rest assured of a suitable landscape that will achieve all of the mentioned objectives.

For more information about lawn care Marietta GA experts provide, visit

Timber Flooring that Adds Value to Your Home and Budget

History repeats and it is true with the flooring of your dream home as well. You might have visited some historic buildings, which have flooring made of carefully chosen timber. Interestingly, since the recent past, this concept of timber flooring has gained popularity among homeowners as well as home builders. Such flooring can be found in residential houses and even business premises. The reason behind this popularity is because the timber floor enhances the aesthetic beauty of the building and naturally, it will add value to your money. In fact, to a large extent, the concept of floating timber floors has revolutionized the concept of flooring.

floating timber floors

Grains are Unique to Each Tree

Timber floors are available in exclusive textures and grains. In fact, the beauty of floating timber floors Brisbane sellers have to offer largely depends on the quality and texture of grains. As architects point out, different floating timber floors could appear to be different because the planks used for flooring might have been drawn from different trees. As you know, grains on the timber vary from tree to tree. Naturally, you would notice changes in the grains between two timber floors. In spite of the changes in the grain, you would notice each timber floor has retained its overall elegance and unique characteristics.

Some other salient features of floating timber floors are briefly discussed below:

  • It is very easy to install timber flooring. In fact, you can install it over the existing timber floor and even concrete. Of course, if you install it over the existing timber floor, there will be a marginal increase in the height of the flooring.
  • Interestingly, the timber flooring is considerably durable as compared with vinyl and carpet floors. In fact, it is claimed that timber flooring can last a lifetime.
  • Normally, timber flooring needs some surface coating, which gives it the scratch proof and waterproof qualities.  According to interior designers, the type of timber floor to be chosen for any building normally depends on the traffic. In fact, you can get timber tiles that go well with any kind of feature tiles Brisbane market has to offer.
  • Instead of choosing timber flooring, some people  may prefer laminate flooring. Of course, basically laminate is a wooden floor, but it is not a real hardwood. As some experts point out, laminate ‘mimics hardwood floor’. Further, a laminate is considerably cheap as compared with hardwood floors. However, a laminate is not durable, and on the other hand, it cannot be refinished. Whereas a hardwood floor lasts for several decades, and it can be easily refinished. Therefore, in the long run, hardwood flooring proves to be an ideal choice.
  • Hardwood flooring does not require any maintenance, and it is very easy to clean the floor. Interestingly, hardwood floor is considered to be an ideal choice for people suffering from Asthma, hay fever and such other ailments.

Timber Floors are Versatile

There are several agencies that supply timber floors in exquisite designs. The timber tiles are so versatile that some varieties may not even require carpet underlay Brisbane clients usually recommend. The timber floors are known to be scratch proof and sound proof. Visit any of the popular tiles manufacturing agencies to know more about the timber floors. Visit them online at